Last Updated:

October 18, 2022

Game Content
Usage Guidelines

We at Coffee Stain Publishing AB are thrilled that you want to use the content of our games for your own creative project and want to support you. To help with this we have put together these guidelines.

If your project is not commercial then we are happy for you to use our content provided that you follow the rules below. For commercial projects this is only permitted if you follow the rules including the specific additional rules for commercial purposes to ensure that what you are doing is creative or educational.

These rules only apply to Coffee Stain content and not for anything owned by anyone else. If you want to use other non-Coffee Stain material then there may be other rules around that. If you are using any content it is up to you to check who owns it as, for instance, we may use music from a third party in our games. 

1. Only once a game or some content from it has been officially promoted or released can it be used. You are not permitted to use any unauthorized, leaked or unofficially released content.

2. You can use the content, gameplay videos and screenshots of our games to produce your own creative content such as reviews, commentary videos, tutorials or walkthroughs to be released on platforms like Twitch, Facebook and YouTube and these can be through your own channel. What this means is that simply copying the content of our games without any creative input or comments is prohibited. You have to add something to the content and make it beneficial or entertaining. If you want to monetise this please see the rule covering this at 12.

3. Don’t ruin it for other people by having spoilers or if you want to then make sure that you add a spoiler disclaimer before anyone sees the spoiler.

4. Should you decide to use content owned by third parties (whether those are taken from our games or anywhere else) such as the logos, trademarks etc. you will need to get permission from the owners of this so please check what rules they might have.

5. You need to keep our content together and not split it up into the components (i.e. image being split from the audio element etc.). 

6. You should not promote your content as being official Coffee Stain Publishing AB content nor as being approved or endorsed by us or any of our partners. You may not use any of our game, company or partner names in or as the main name or title of your project.

7. You may not sell any merchandise that uses any of our names or games or the content and you definitely may not use our names as keywords or search tags for products that have no relationship with them or that are infringing or counterfeit.

8. You should ensure the content is age appropriate and matches the age restriction of our games and for the platforms. You should not advertise your content to an audience under the age restriction.

9. We do not permit you to use the content of our games to hack, cheat or enable the full use of our games nor any other actions that are contrary to the protection and proper functioning of our games or that would harm or damage our names, games or any of our content.

10. Your content must not be unlawful, deceptive, infringing third party rights, obscene, harmful, inappropriate, discriminatory, disparaging, promoting terrorism, illegal activities or hate crimes nor be offensive in any way.

11. These rules are non-exhaustive and we retain the right to object to your use of our content for any reason. These rules do not give you a license nor constitute a permission for you to create derivatives of our games.

12. Commercializing the content-additional rule. If you want to make money off your content it must comply with all the rules above and both this rule 12 and also rule 13. You are only entitled to monetise your content through advertising or partner programs that video sharing platforms offer or if you collect voluntary contributions as long as you follow rule 13.

13. Commercializing the content-additional rule. Although you can use our content as part of your own creative commercial project, viewers should not have to pay a fee for the sole purpose of accessing the content of our games and you cannot sell our content. We retain the right to remove your content should we decide in our sole discretion that the content is not compliant with these rules. Additionally, should you fail to comply with these rules we retain the right to take action against you. These rules may be amended from time to time and you should check on them before using our content. We are entitled to amend these rules at any time at our discretion.