Yes, we have done some work. Here’s a new patch for ‘ya

Bug Fixes:
•  Added additional popups when the game fails to load the world alongside the host, providing the user with additional details
•  Added Keanu Reeves as a playable character 
•  Fixed a crash that occurred when putting a scarecrow NPC in the hair saloon chair
•  Fixed a timer crash that could happen with Santa Bag Gear
•  Fixed a crash that could happen when checking the login status
•  I’ve missed Brendan Fraser so much. Such a wholesome guy
•  Have u seen his new movie?
•  Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the server replicated objects
•  Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the player spawned actors using the Trident or Rubber Ducking goat gear
•  Gah this list is long
•  Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when using specific invalid objects on bounceables
•  Pls add me on PSN
•  Fixed a rare crash inside the Music Manager that affected some players
•  Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when the player used Abominana + Goat Queen + The Ark together, a.k.a. “the holy trinity”
•  The location of the lighthouse should now be correct when restarting the level after completion
•  Fixed a rare crash that happened when startling NPCs
•  Fixed a crash when Abominana Goo hit an invalid actor. I don’t even know what that is tbh
•  Removed Keanu Reeves as a playable character because we don’t want to get sued. This is why we can’t have nice things

Epic specific:
•  Updated EOS plugin SDK. Yeah I don't what that means either but I guess it's a good thing

PS5 specific:
•  Fixed a rare PS5 crash relating to pushing NPCs around. Time to do some pushing
•  Patched PS5 Online SDK to fix connection issues for some users running on a stricter NAT.
“NAT” a problem anymore? *knock on wood*

XSX specific:
•  Times should now not cause OutOfMemory crashes. I also heard Omega-3 is good for your memory