Patch Notes

June 19, 2024


As a wise goat once said ‘When life gives you nonsense, it also gives you patch notes

Multiverse of Nonsense – New DLC

  • A brand new map! Wow

  • 41 new events

  • 8 new playable Goats. It’s the magic number 

  • 116 new Goat Gears (27 with new abilities)

  • A new dialogue system to talk to people. Nice, more text to read!

  • 36 new instinct challenges

  • New vehicles

  • New achievements

Goat Simulator 3 – Base Game

  • Updated the Waypoint System. Let’s go… I guess?

  • Access to Multiverse of Nonsense DLC

  • You can see the world's stats of your latest play sessions directly on the continue button. About damn time

  • New level select, who dis? ‘New Game’ & ‘Load’ are now combined in a new ‘Play’ menu

  • Added additional original Goat 1 fur (Stek, Molle, and Ocke) to the 'Non-Player Character'

  • Updated the credits section in the main menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash happening to the client when the host equipped the slinger saddle

PS5 Specific:

  • Updated some of the trophies' names/descriptions in some languages in the Base Game

XSX Specific:

  • Fixed some long timeouts when rejoining a session wouldn’t be possible

  • Fixed the join button not appearing as often as it should

350383 (PC)
350287 (Consoles)