Holiday Update

December 8, 2022


Ensure no NPC has a silent night with nine free festive items.

Players can look forward to getting their hooves on: 

  • Lucia Crown – What could go wrong?

  • Santa Hat – A passive ability that makes snow fall only around the player

  • Christmas Sweater – Because even goats need at least one ugly Christmas jumper

  • Elf Hat – Give goats the power to throw snowballs!

  • Elf Tunic – Fashionable AND warm

  • Elf Shoes – We stan elves, ok?

  • Lights Machine Gun – This is pretty neat tho

  • Sack & Sleigh – Launch festive paper to wrap props and NPCs into presents. Yay

  • Menorah Horns – Happy Hanukkah! 

Additional Updates:

  • Christmas-themed menu with Mariah Carey singing in the background

  • The OST download now gives both music and 3D files

  • Players can now stand on top of each other (don’t try this irl)

  • Removed singing Mariah Carey from the menu because of copyright issues

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed subtitles being duplicated. I guess “better be safe than sorry” is not appreciated by everyone

  • Nametags not being visible in teleportation areas

  • Fixed a bunch of crashes

PS5 Specific:

  • Fixed a crash when initiating split-screen

  • Fixed a crash when updating activities

XSX Specific:

  • Fixed a crash when leaving a lobby

  • Fixed a crash when resuming the game from suspension

  • Fixed a crash when a split-screen player leaves the game

Build: 210769

April 1, 2023


As many of you know, April Fools’ Day is very special for us on Sheep Simulator. On this day 9 years ago, we released Sheep Simulator 1 to the world. And last year our musical got to see the light for the first time.

While we don’t have any sheep jokes this year, we have updated the game a bit for ewe.

New Content:

  • Updated Pilgor’s wool

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the game logo

PS5 Specific:

  • Fixed a crash during the Boss Fight

  • Fixed a crash when accepting invites at game launch

Build: 224999

February 8, 2023


Yes, we have done some work. Here’s a new patch for ‘ya

Bug Fixes:

  • Added additional popups when the game fails to load the world alongside the host, providing the user with additional details

  • Added Keanu Reeves as a playable character 

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when putting a scarecrow NPC in the hair saloon chair

  • Fixed a timer crash that could happen with Santa Bag Gear

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when checking the login status

  • I’ve missed Brendan Fraser so much. Such a wholesome guy

  • Have u seen his new movie?

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the server replicated objects

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the player spawned actors using the Trident or Rubber Ducking goat gear

  • Gah this list is long

  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when using specific invalid objects on bounceables

  • Pls add me on PSN

  • Fixed a rare crash inside the Music Manager that affected some players

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when the player used Abominana + Goat Queen + The Ark together, a.k.a. “the holy trinity”

  • The location of the lighthouse should now be correct when restarting the level after completion

  • Fixed a rare crash that happened when startling NPCs

  • Fixed a crash when Abominana Goo hit an invalid actor. I don’t even know what that is tbh

  • Removed Keanu Reeves as a playable character because we don’t want to get sued. This is why we can’t have nice things

Epic specific:

  • Updated EOS plugin SDK. Yeah I don't what that means either but I guess it's a good thing

PS5 specific:

  • Fixed a rare PS5 crash relating to pushing NPCs around. Time to do some pushing

  • Patched PS5 Online SDK to fix connection issues for some users running on a stricter NAT. “NAT” a problem anymore? *knock on wood*

XSX specific:

  • Times should now not cause OutOfMemory crashes. I also heard Omega-3 is good for your memory

Build: 216821

January 11, 2023


Hope your Holidays were filled with goats and chaos!

We’re currently working hard to fix issues related to multiplayer that some of you are experiencing. We’re sorry if you are affected by this.

Other updates:

  • We have removed the Christmas theme from the title screen, the Christmas assets are here to stay permanently tho, yaay.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a split-screen freeze when licking while traveling between levels. It is now ok to lick and travel

  • The counter when collecting Trinkets should now work properly. Goata catch ‘em all

  • Fixed sound crashes. The goaty music was too overpowered before, causing the game to crash

Build: 213578

December 13, 2022


What do these patch notes and my birthday have in common? They were both forgotten about. 
Anyway, here are the patch notes for Dec 13th, 2022. A bit delayed but still slayed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed elf hat crash when hitting NPCs. Time to knock some NPCs y’all

  • Fixed an issue with Christmas Lights cross-hair

  • Fixed snowman scaling not working in multiplayer

  • Fixed freeze caused by Abominana NPCs. I mean who wouldn't freeze at that sight

  • Fixed rare crash related to a specific music track

PC Specific:

  • Fixed a crash in the navigation system

PS5 Specific:

  • Fixed HUD layout issues on PS5

Build: 211846