Mobile Release

December 5, 2023


It’s finally here, just in time for the upcoming holidays...

Get your phones ready, say goodbye to your loved ones, and headbutt your way (what does that even mean?) to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and get your hooves on Goat Simulator 3 Mobile today! 

Play with a friend or solo and enjoy all the chaos from the Goat Simulator 3 world in this handy mobile version of the game. Why let your dreams be dreams? Be a goat.

February 22, 2024


Baa baa mobile patch

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several crashes

Android Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where instincts are not saved properly

  • Improved the asset downloading when first starting

Build: 322306

February 6, 2024


Patch notes for the mobile goats

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the invite button works incorrectly without internet

  • Fixed multiple crashes

  • Improved Baa functionality. Important stuff

Build: 317471

December 19, 2023


For the mobile gang

Android Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where starting the game for the first time without the internet would crash the game. Yikes

  • Fixed an issue where the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE gets a warning saying the device does not meet the hardware requirements to host the game. It was all a lie

  • Fixed an issue where progress gets lost sometimes (save files didn't always work)

iOS Specific:

  • Fixed a crash that happened when a game controller was unplugged while in-game (potentially also in-menus)

Build: 306648

December 12, 2023


Smashed some bugs for 'ya

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Apocalypse car garage stayed closed despite pushing a button to open it

  • -| or -Y?

  • Fixed several recurring crashes

Android Specific:

  • Increased Android texture streaming pool size

  • Bait used to be believable

Build: 273256

December 8, 2023


Greetings to all you mobile goats!

We want to let you know that we’re aware of the graphics concerns some players are currently reporting in Goat Simulator 3 Mobile, and our development team is investigating what can be done right now.

We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to make the mobile version accessible not just on high-end mobile devices, but older and weaker devices too. We’re super pleased to have been able to get Pilgor up and running on these devices – but it has become clear that we need to further explore how we can optimise for older phones. We will continue to work on this in the coming weeks and months to make sure as many people can experience portable San Angora as possible.

We want everyone to have the best experience they can with our game, and as soon as we have a hotfix ready you’ll be the first to know. If you’re experiencing any issues yourself please reach out! You can contact us at the email addresses below, depending on your device:

For Android users:
For iOS users:

Thank you for your patience while we look into this! In the meantime, we have implemented a small hotfix addressing a number of small bugs, which we’ve listed here:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where an improper placeholder name is displayed in the Pause Menu player list

  • Fixed several improper collisions

  • Fixed an issue where respawning breaks vehicle HUD

  • Fixed some of the most common crashes

  • Fixed other minor bugs, but kept the fun ones. Speaking of bugs, where is Silksong?

iOS Specific:

  • Fixed achievements

Build: 272097