Multiverse of Nonsense DLC

June 19, 2024


Aaand it’s here!
Our first major DLC for Goat Simulator 3, Multiverse of Nonsense, has finally been unleashed upon the world. Multiverse of Nonsense is set in an entirely new sandbox, featuring unique new areas full of chaotic world events to complete in order to restore (in)stability to the universe.


  • Save the Multiverse and be a goat while doing it

  • 8 new playable goats

  • A brand new map and story to explore

  • Here it’s ok to let one rift

  • 100+ new gears, up to 5 million different combinations*

  • Universe-hopping is now a thing

  • We heard you wanted to read more, so we added a dialogue system. You can now talk to people, or it’s more like they talk to you. You’re a goat after all

  • If you don’t buy this DLC, the Multiverse cannot be saved. You don't want to DOOM the Multiverse now, do you?

*Not sure if that is the exact number, but it feels like it

Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense is out now on the Epic Games Store, Steam, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Microsoft Store.

Thanks for Reading
Goat Team

Goat with baseball cap on its head

July 3, 2024


PS5 users can now enjoy last week’s bug fixes too (v. We’ve ofc added more bug fixes for all platforms while we were at it. 

Bug Fixes:

  • You will now be able to unlock the Tiara after completing the game. The Tiara should already be in your inventory if you had completed the game when this issue was live. Woozah

  • You can now do the 'Walk the Human' event as the Hotdogian and Reinfaus Goat. All goats should be able to hold it with a leash

  • Fixed a crash that could appear if you headbutted an NPC into another one

  • The 'I Love History' achievement can now be completed

  • I finally beat Ganon in TOTK after postponing it for five months. I didn’t want it to end :(

  • What should I do with my life now?

  • Fixed animation issues the capybara had that made the legs look weird

  • The issue where the rift jump particle trail never got removed is fixed

  • The event text for the Noisy Neighbor event is no longer missing. Do you have a noisy neighbor where you live? If you don’t know, then it’s probably you

  • The game should no longer freeze when NPCs that you have turned into the 'Missing Link' goats (by using the Missing Link Goat ability) despawn

  • Fixed an animation crash that could appear. Have you ever tried to do any animations? It’s pretty hard

  • Fixed a crash related to the ‘Sentient Hat’

  • Fixed a crash that could appear when the living props you've created with the Reinfaus ability started to jump. This whole sentence sounds like a fever dream

  • The instinct to 'Bounce on a trampoline 10 times in a row' is now fixed

  • The instinct to 'Tag the founding fathers face' is now fixed

  • The instinct to 'Drive the toy car at high speed' is now fixed

  • The instinct to 'Launch yourself from multiverse crystals' is now fixed

  • Fixed animation issues the Human Per Goat had when running

  • The Earmuff's ability will now work

  • This is my last week before vacation, what are your plans for the summer? 

  • Locked Horns should no longer be visible in the Overview Menu when playing as Old School Pilgor

  • Fixed a broken material on the Galaxy Fur for Goat and Capybara

  • After reloading the save file the ‘New Event’ notification splash will only appear once after it's been discovered

  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Teleport to player’ notification in Mega Rifts allowing players to teleport back to the main level. Whoops

  • Fixed the rifted effect that didn't work on client movements if they ragdolled

Steam Specific:

  • Steam players without a linked Epic account will now see the Epic player's name in the party

Console Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where some gear descriptions overlapped in the Wardrobe

PS5 Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where players who bought the DLC still got locked out of it – you should be able to unlock it now

  • Fixed the FPS drop that appeared when using the green teleport in Goofville or when jumping in the water near it

  • Fixed FPS drop that appeared after hanging on the ballon from 'Bob's Ballon' in Goofville

  • The crown icon in the point counter for the mini-game 'King of the Hill' will no longer overlap

  • Fixed a text issue in the 'Dilbo's Journey' event in the base game 

XSX Specific:

  • The red button at the start of the game should work now

  • The heavy lag that was noticeable during four-player split-screen local co-op gameplay is now fixed

Build: 353607

June 24, 2024


Because of the current Miningverse bug that’s affecting Xbox users, these patch notes are for Xbox and Microsoft Store only. Do not fret, PC and PS5 users will also get these issues fixed but later on. Thank you for your understanding!

Update June 25: These patch notes have been released for PC users now too.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed font display issues that appeared in Puzzleverse Rift when playing in languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese, and Russian

  • Fixed a visual glitch in the Chain Reaction Explosion

  • Goatroit NPC will now only use the scratch animation when actually scratching and not use it as a walking animation. Whoops

  • The toxic portal event sound has been adjusted and will no longer be obnoxiously loud

  • The G.O.A.T Arcade machine will no longer be mute

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Hammer gear to crash

  • When playing as the Kid Goat, you will no longer be able to wear Adult Pilgors 'Bedwetter' body gear. What did I just read

  • The regular horns will no longer appear twice in the customization menu

  • The 3D glasses now have the correct thumbnail

  • All glasses will now be visible when playing as the Hotdogian Goat

  • Clients will now get the correct velocity when getting launched by the Money Bin Worm to be able to enter the building

  • Fixed a cinematic sequence when playing the Gone Home Event – you will now see the exact cause of the accident

  • Updated a cinematic sequence when playing the Living Props event – to make it clear a random bag accidentally gets added to the mix

  • Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

  • Fixed an issue that caused clients to not automatically equip the Dwarf Beard Reward you get when entering the Miningverse

  • Fixed a bunch of placement issues that occurred when a new Multiverse Goat wore goat gears from the base game – now the new goats will be able to wear all Vanilla gears! Did you know that vanilla comes from an orchid?

XSX Specific:

  • Achievements should now be visible

  • Fixed the crash Xbox players are experiencing when entering the Miningverse

  • After loading to a multiplayer session, the client's camera will no longer appear under the map for the first few seconds

Game Pass/MS Store:

  • The game will no longer display a delayed network error message when you open the party menu in offline mode

Steam Specific:

  • Fixed an issue that appeared when clients tried to invite other players to the host’s party, those players did not always receive the invitation

Epic Specific:

  • After buying Multiverse from the in-game menu, the UI should now automatically update so players can play the game directly instead of having to restart it

Build: 351928

June 19, 2024


As a wise goat once said ‘When life gives you nonsense, it also gives you patch notes

Multiverse of Nonsense – New DLC

  • A brand new map! Wow

  • 41 new events

  • 8 new playable Goats. It’s the magic number 

  • 116 new Goat Gears (27 with new abilities)

  • A new dialogue system to talk to people. Nice, more text to read!

  • 36 new instinct challenges

  • New vehicles

  • New achievements

Goat Simulator 3 – Base Game

  • Updated the Waypoint System. Let’s go… I guess?

  • Access to Multiverse of Nonsense DLC

  • You can see the world's stats of your latest play sessions directly on the continue button. About damn time

  • New level select, who dis? ‘New Game’ & ‘Load’ are now combined in a new ‘Play’ menu

  • Added additional original Goat 1 fur (Stek, Molle, and Ocke) to the 'Non-Player Character'

  • Updated the credits section in the main menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash happening to the client when the host equipped the slinger saddle

PS5 Specific:

  • Updated some of the trophies' names/descriptions in some languages in the Base Game

XSX Specific:

  • Fixed some long timeouts when rejoining a session wouldn’t be possible

  • Fixed the join button not appearing as often as it should

350383 (PC)
350287 (Consoles)