Steam Release

February 15, 2024


We hope y’all had a lovely Valventine’s Day yesterday. It wasn’t steamy enough, you say? 
Aight, we got you covered. Goat Simulator 3 is finally out on Steam! About damn time right.

And if you’ve grown tired of your relationship after yesterday's lack of effort, why not end it for good with any of the seven mini-games we’ve in the game? We guarantee it will work*!

Play Goat Simulator 3 on Steam today

* We can’t guarantee that

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Goat Team

Goat with baseball cap on its head

May 8, 2024


A lil patch for the PC and console gang


  • Removed the anniversary menu – it's baack to its original form. Don’t worry, all in-game anniversary additions are still in there and will not disappear

  • This version includes a fix to the radar widgets for WinGDK/XSX. I have no idea what this means

Build: 340157

April 2, 2024


A patch note is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. The Anniversary update is now on mobile too!

New Content/Update:

  • Same content as the one PC + Console got on April 1st

Mobile-specific Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the celestial wings icon not showing up

iOS Specific:

  • Fixed the iOS Game Center button overlapping the leave button in the main menu

Build: 331865

April 1, 2024


Celebrating 10 years of goatyness with a small update for you!

New Content/Update:

  • 1 new event: A mysterious crack in spacetime has appeared in Suburbsville! Hopefully it’s not a butt crack

  • A blast from the past. The OG NPCs from Goat Simulator 1 are back as Alternative Goats. Passive ability: Changes the music to the original Goat 1 music for that nostalgic vibe

  • 10-Year Birthday Cake headgear

  • Additional styles to the 'Party Hat' gear

  • Updated the Main Menu to celebrate Pilgor’s 10th birthday

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed the extra waypoint marker that accidentally appeared when setting a waypoint

  • The instincts categories are moved back to be in the correct order again

  • Fixed some issues with the name tag, where the name could be inconsistent in the friends list and in a party

Steam Specific:

  • Fixed some more cases where a black screen could appear. I’m having nightmares about this bug

  • Fixed an issue where players without a linked Epic account couldn't see their profile picture in the friends list and party menu

XSX Specific:

  • Fixed issues with starting split-screen using multiple controllers

  • Fixed wrong pop-up appearing when starting split-screen while in-game

Game Pass/MS Store:

  • Fixed wrong pop-up appearing when starting split-screen while in-game. Yes, here too

Build: 330535

March 21, 2024


It seems like the easter bunny arrived early this year. Operation Crackdown is finally on mobile too. What a dream. 

New Content/Update:

  • All issues and additions that were fixed for Steam have been added to Mobile

  • The Operation Crackdown Update we released last year for PC and Console is now out on mobile too

Mobile-specific Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when charging your headbutt. Had to tone down the headbutt power a bit

  • Fixed a crash when trying to baa

  • Fixed a rare crash with particles

  • Fixed a rare crash when grinding

  • Fixed being unable to obtain the frat desk gear. Where my frat boys at?

Android Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where the additional download assets sometimes get stuck

  • Abominana is now yellow instead of grey. Guys, it was just unripe

iOS Specific:

  • Fixed physics-related crashes

Build: 328803

March 14, 2024


A smol patch for Steam users 

Steam Specific:

  • Fixed more of the black screen issue people encountered after pressing 'continue'. I want a relationship as strong as that bug

  • Fixed an instant crash at the start that could sometimes appear

Build: 328030

March 7, 2024


Bugs find a way apparently. This patch is for Steam users only

Steam Specific:

  • Fixed an issue where players in multiplayer sessions sometimes got disconnected after 1 hour with the message "Network failure! Connection timed out (GS3-NF-4)"

  • Fixed some issues regarding the black screen some players got

Build: 326694

February 29, 2024


A lil patch for the Steamy Epic goats

Bug Fixes:

  • The shopping carts now have their material back. This has been our highest priority for this patch and we’re so sorry for the people who got to experience this :(

  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes appear while doing tricks. Too relatable 

  • The Area Info players get from the map wasn't correct for late joiners. I’ve heard of late bloomers, but never late joiners. There’s a name for everything these days istg

Steam Specific:

  • Fixed an issue that caused an Epic Games pop-up to sometimes show up for Steam players on every re-start. Whoops

  • Players should now be able to send and accept Steam party invites and join the game without issues

  • Invitations will no longer stop working after the host disbands the party when the client uses the 'Leave' button and then tries to re-join them

  • Fixed some issues related to linking Epic account with Steam

  • The game should no longer crash if a Steam client closes the game or goes offline

  • In the friends list, question marks appeared instead of the player status when the Steam languages of two players didn't match

  • Invited players couldn't join the party by accepting the invitation if the privacy setting was set to 'Invite only'

EGS Specific:

  • Fixed an issue that caused players on Epic not to be able to join a crossplay party with Steam if another Steam player in that party didn't have their account linked with Epic

Build: 324920

March 4, 2024
The bug fixes on PC from Feb 29 are now fixed for consoles too with this patch. Yaay

Bug Fixes:

  • The shopping carts now have their material back. Hope the game is playable now

  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes appear while doing tricks

  • The Area Info players get from the map wasn't correct for late joiners

Build: 324513

February 21, 2024


Here we go again

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the client couldn't hear the server’s music coming from the Leaky Headphones gear

  • The "Logged in as" field in the friend's menu works better now. Hopefully

  • A player who was in a split-screen session couldn't accept invitations to multiplayer sessions

  • Privacy settings should now work correctly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

EGS specific:

  • Fixed an issue with the friend's list button where you couldn't sign in or out from Epic Games 

  • Fixed crashes that could occur when removing the Goat Simulator game from the linked apps in Epic

  • The friend's list should now update correctly

Build: 322076

February 15, 2024


Brace yourselves, this list is a hefty one. We’ve worked on a bunch of bugs and also made some quality-of-life fixes. Enjoy!

New Content/Update:

  • New platform! We're now on Steam with crossplay functionality with Epic. Wow

  • Compatible with Steam Deck. We’re working on some minor tweaks to make it run more smoothly, which will come out later in a hotfix

  • Added an indicator when the host loses internet connection

  • Rebalanced Karma so that players can unlock everything in the Customization Menu. Let’s splurge!

  • Updated game credits

  • Micro events no longer give chaos points

Bug Fixes:

  • The Paraglider texture is no longer blurry. Unlike my vision god damn

  • Gardener plant will no longer get culled (not be visible) when too tall. TDIL

  • Fixed a crash caused by the movie theater. Have you seen any good movies lately?

  • Pride Saber gear will now affect vehicles. You know what to do

  • Reduced the chance that NPCs would hold items that they weren't supposed to for clients 

  • Fixed an issue where the Slomo hint wasn't getting removed for the host when a new player joined the server 

  • Fixed the Volumetric Height fog issue when playing in split-screen 

  • Headbutt not working after using the Shark Fin gear ability 

  • The harvester tractor not visible until the event is completed 

  • Players will no longer start in the suburbs after going to the main menu from the boss fight 

  • Hold input to add a split-screen player was visible in the pause menu during the boss fight

  • Holding the trick rotation button while interacting with something could result in weird movement 

  • Moving fast when ragdolled (if FPS was set to “not limited”) caused a stuttery camera movement

  • Drum Kit and Television gears not playing their sound correctly in multiplayer

  • The Floor is Lava mini-game plane height not synced between server & client

  • The "Enter" hint stuck when entering the 'DamnIt' event cannon 

  • Spamming F11 would crash the game 

  • Lewis to Ferrari was not on my bingo card

  • Music manager-induced crash on game start-up 

  • Fixes issues with war table object control 

  • Throneroom wall-run tutorial would not complete correctly for split-screen players 

  • The event Moving Help blocked "New event found notification" for nearby events 

  • The title crashed when the host teleported to a client who was in the Granny Basement sublevel 

  • Moved the bounceable goo away from the Portal Room entrance in the Throne Room 

  • The floating container logo in Dirt Track is now placed correctly

  • Container Party now has a name and the player’s Icon on the map is shown at the correct location 

  • I act like I’m fine but deep down I want to be in Monaco

  • Fixed some Gumball FX replication issues

  • Added hover-over sounds to the Goat Castle tab in the Pause Menu 

  • Farmer's Got Talent event now handles baa and abilities a bit better. But only a bit 

  • Safari Outfit pickup now has the correct material 

  • The conveyor belt in Factory now moves the player in the same direction as the visuals. About time

  • Fixed an issue where body gear wrongly showed up as equipped for Alt Goats 

  • Are u still reading?

  • Styled By Henri (the Barbershop) event is now connected to Residential instead of Statue Island 

  • The Lighthouse event is now tied to Statue Island 

  • The Lighthouse can no longer be pushed down when headbutting the reel once it has been completed

  • Goat Castle is tied to Farm, Goat Phone Home and ATM is tied to Downtown 

  • Priest in Church now holds the weights correctly (very important) 

  • Fixed the hole in Mount Inferno. 4 years later >:(

  • Increased the time limit for joining mini-games to 15 seconds (was previously 10). For the boomers

  • Fixed an issue that caused the stink effect to appear inconsistently for clients. Just like irl

  • The title screen music will no longer play in slow motion if a player returns to the title screen when the slow-motion effect is active

  • Fixed an issue where the main player wasn't able to use gamepad 2 if player 2 used gamepad 1 (thank you David!)

Epic Specific:

  • Movie Tapes should now work again. Emphasis on ‘should’…

Build: 319767

Feb 21, 2024

New Content/Update:

  • All issues and additions that were fixed for Steam are now added for console as well. Hey better late than never

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with controllers becoming unresponsive while navigating the main menu

  • Issues were players could not rejoin a party because they were considered kicked. Simulation is simulating

  • Issues were players would be waiting to join the host for a long time before being disconnected

XSX + Windows PC Specific:

  • Achievements texts updated

Build: 321068