Update 6

April 11, 2024


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Goat Team

Goat with baseball cap on its head

July 1, 2024


The time has finally come for mobile goats to enjoy summer in the Goat Simulator 3 world with 27 new gears. Yes, this is the same summer update we released on PC & console last year. Have a wonderful summer y’all!

27 Summer Gears:

  • 3D Glasses

  • Sunburnt Skin

  • Sandy Skin

  • Inflatable Floater

  • Pixel Shaders

  • Uniglasses

  • Cone Horns

  • Ice Cream Unicone 

  • Sun Hat

  • Bucket Hat

  • Flowery Shirt

  • Cheap Cap

  • Fishing Hat

  • Shady Shades

  • Party Shades

  • Galaxy Glasses

  • Shutter Shades

  • Beach Mule

  • Beach on the Back

  • Goatkini

  • Holiday Dad

  • Socks in Sandals

Flowery Goat Set:

  • Flowery Necklace

  • Leafy Skirt 

  • Leafy Feet

Svensk Folkdräkt Set:

  • Svensk Folkdräkt Scarf 

  • Svensk Folkdräkt

Additional Updates:

  • Summer-themed menu

Android Specific:

  • Fixed a crash in the physics system

Build: 351402

May 27, 2024


Mobile goats, this one is for you

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Goat Tower information not showing up properly

Android Specific:

  • Fixed some achievements being unable to be completed

iOS Specific:

  • Fixed possible out-of-memory crashes on some specific iOS devices. I can’t be more specific than that

Build: 345107

May 13, 2024


Is it really Goat Simulator without crashes?
Anyway, here’s a patch for the mobile players.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a possible crash when playing in multiplayer

Android Specific:

  • Fixed a crash caused by loading cloud saves on Android

Build: 340874

April 19, 2024


Smol patch for the mobile goats

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when returning to the main menu

  • Fixed a crash when you play the boss fight in cross-platform multiplayer between Android and iOS

  • Fixed a crash with Steve. Goddammit Steve, not this again

Build: 336957

April 11, 2024


Spring is here and so are the bugs, yaay. Thankfully we’ve smashed a bunch of them for you mobile users.

New Content/Update:

  • You can now control your camera sensitivity. Camera sensitivity has also been smoothed out

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed 2 charge stations being inside each other in Goatenburg. I guess they really liked each other

  • Fixed Billy plushy hanging in the air in the castle

  • Fixed a blurry poster in the cyborg's lair

  • You can no longer fall through the void on the beach. Oh man

  • Fixed water being broken in the pool and spa

  • Fixed some blurry logs and planks in the sawmill

  • Fixed some broken logs in the sawmill too

  • Fixed a roof in the sawmill

  • Fixed a blurry image in the movie theater

  • Fixed the back button sometimes breaking in the wardrobe

  • Fixed the UI sometimes breaking in the Hoofer Dam cannon

  • Fixed an issue where the goat can sometimes fly after using the Hoofer Dam cannon

  • Fixed a broken sewer system in Goatenburg

  • Fixed some of the HUD showing while playing a boss fight cinematic

  • Fixed the Kärring cannon projectiles sometimes going through NPCs

  • Improved collision in the Tech Support quest to make it more playable on mobile

  • Fixed the rhino breaking when entering the tornado

  • Fixed an issue where the cost of a gear could appear off-screen on some devices

  • The goat can no longer be made to fly during the first phase of the boss fight

  • Fixed a house in the suburbs having a hole in it sometimes

  • Fixed a blurry speed limit sign

  • Fixed some ugly flowers. Woah that was a bit uncalled for

  • A garden shack in the suburbs also had a hole in it. What’s up with all these holes

  • The nuke buttons are no longer blurry

  • Fixed some broken stairs in the forest

  • Bananas now look better. Very important

  • Trees in the distance are now prettier. Ever heard of pretty privilege?

  • A concrete block was fixed

  • Large and small plant pots are rounder now

  • Fixed a bench by the water that looked broken

  • Fixed a broken-looking bridge

  • Some garbage cans looked broken from a distance

  • A pair of goat statues didn't look as good as they should

  • Fixed the logo on the dam not looking good

  • The teddy bear by the dam looks a lot softer now. Can’t have an unsoft-looking teddy bear

  • Fixed a blurry poster

  • Fixed an issue where party promotion prevented you from inviting others

  • Fixed some overlapping UI in minigames

  • The game now remembers what gear you had on if you reinstall the game. The future is now

Build: 333762